Arbitrary Regulation

The Law 4178/13 ο which replaced Law 4014/11 legalizes or regulates for 30 years any arbitrariness that exists in your property.

With the law 4178/13 prohibits any legal act (sale, parental benefit, etc.) on a property in which there are arbitrary constructions or arbitrary changes of use.

Thus, the issuance of an Engineer Certificate of non-arbitrariness is introduced as a necessary condition for each transfer.

Who are subject to Law 4178/13?

In the regulation of the Law, 4178/13 can be subject to properties with arbitrary constructions or arbitrary changes of use as well as cases that have been included in previous regulatory laws (L.4014 / 11, L3843 / 09).

Since at the stage of construction the properties are usually differentiated from the approved Urban Plans, the Urban Planning control of the buildings is required by an Engineer for the certification of their legality.

The existence of any arbitrariness must be declared in Law 4178/13 in order for the arbitrariness to be legalized or regulated for 30 years (cases of particularly extensive arbitrariness).

Obey the Law 4178, offset fines calculated under older laws and reduce the cost of fines.