Energy Upgrading of Buildings

Energy upgrade of a building (apartment building, detached house, or apartment) is the set of interventions made in order to reduce the energy needs of the building for heating and cooling.

The stages of an energy upgrade are as follows:

  • Impression of a building that is going to be upgraded in energy.
  • Energy study of the building.
  • Presentation of the required energy interventions according to the energy study.
  • Costing of energy interventions
  • Implementation of energy upgrade
  • Issuance of energy certificate for the building.

 The interventions proposed for the upgrade of the Thermal Systems of the buildings are:

  • Insulation of pipes and body area in combination with installation operation compensation.
  • Boiler and burner replacement with new high efficiency and operation under temperature compensation.
  • Replacement of radiators with low temperature (FC) systems.
  • Installation of a solar thermal system in a central heating installation and operation compensation.
  • Installation of low-temperature systems (inside wall, inside floor, inside ceiling).
  • Installation of air conditioning system with an air heat source.
  • Installation of air conditioning system with heat source water or land (geothermal).
  • Energetic upgrade