Topographic Impressions

The topographic surveys of each type using the most modern techniques are objectively the central activity of the Company. In the context of other applications or by performing autonomous surveys of topographic surveys, the Company has gained vast experience in this field.
Using the most modern equipment for the rapid and technically-economical execution of topographic surveys and utilizing the specialized know-how available in this field, the Company has carried out topographic surveys that cover the full range of requirements in applications related to major technical projects such as road construction. tunnels, bridges, cadastral imprints, technical drawings, special precision imprints, etc.

To make these recordings he uses the most modern topographic equipment. It mainly uses state-of-the-art GNSS systems and servo moved geodetic stations. In GNSS systems, it utilizes all kinematic and continuous kinematic detection techniques, in order to minimize the field capture times and to make accurate captures even in the most difficult working environment. In the same way, it utilizes servo-powered robotic geodetic stations, performing measurements where GNSS systems cannot operate, inaccessible point measurements, and precision measurements in high-demand applications.